Wooden floors – pros and cons

2022-10-11 12:00:00


1. Durability and renovability

Natural wood is a long-lasting material with very good technical and utility parameters. The average lifespan of oak parquet is estimated at several decades. Noble wood species used for the production of floors are characterized by high abrasion class. One of the most appreciated materials is oak. Another advantage of wood is the possibility of multiple renovations.

2. Natural origin

An undeniable advantage of a wooden floor is its natural origin: wood is a noble material, friendly to both the eye and health. At ArtFloors, we attach great importance to its origin, which is why we produce floors exclusively from certified wood, which has an FSC certificate indicating sustainable use of forest resources. The advantage of using natural wood is the pro-ecological value of such a solution.

3. Easy to maintain cleanliness

Wood is a hygienic material that is not difficult to clean. It has antistatic properties, so it does not attract dust, and if it is properly protected, it does not absorb stains caused by accidental dirt. By following the appropriate rules, a wooden floor can be easily cleaned with a damp mop and a mild cleaning agent.

4. Possibility of installation with underfloor heating

Properly prepared wood with a low coefficient of shrinkage can be easily mounted on underfloor heating. Such species include native oak, among others. The advantage of a wooden floor over ceramic tiles is that even when we do not use the so-called floor heating, it is warm and pleasant to the touch.

5. Properties friendly to allergy sufferers

Wooden floors are safe for people who suffer from allergies. At ArtFloors, we use only natural non- toxic oils, varnishes, and adhesives for its finish. Wood does not generate static electricity, so dust does not easily settle on it. For allergy sufferers, floors made of native wood species such as oak are recommended. Exotic wood can emit unwanted fragrances for allergy sufferers.

6. Timeless appearance

Natural wood is a very versatile floor covering, so it works well in various arrangements. Choosing a floor made of wood, we do not risk that it will stop fitting in with changes in the interior design and will require modification. It can be boldly said that the fashion for wood is timeless.

7. Good insulation properties

Wood provides very good acoustic and thermal insulation. It is considered a "quiet" material. Compared to laminate flooring, it significantly reduces the echo that comes with walking. The planks are also warm to the touch. It feels very pleasant to walk on them barefoot. They are also child- friendly, as small children who crawl and often sit on the floor will find them comfortable.


1. Professional installation is necessary.

Installing a wooden floor is definitely more complicated than installing laminate flooring. It requires the involvement of professionals and is more time-consuming than laying a floating floor. The planks must acclimate to the target room for several days, and installation cannot begin immediately upon arrival.

2. Requirements for temperature and humidity

Wooden floors require maintaining appropriate conditions regarding temperature and humidity. If it is too dry, the planks may shrink, crack, and become brittle. If the humidity is too high, they may have a tendency to swell.

3. Price

The cost of purchasing and installing a wooden floor significantly exceeds the price of laminate flooring. However, when considering the expense, it is worth keeping in mind the durability of the parquet and the possibility of refurbishing it, which translates into a much longer lifespan than that of laminate flooring.

4. Periodic maintenance is necessary

A wooden floor requires regular maintenance, especially for oiled planks. Neglecting maintenance procedures can adversely affect the appearance of the wood and reduce its durability. We invite you to follow our activity on social media as well. Instagram / Facebook

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