Cleaning and maintenance

Wood is one of the most popular finishing materials for a reason. Its classic beauty finds its way into many design styles, its always warm and pleasant to the touch surface is barefoot friendly, while its excellent durability properties guarantee many years of use. To increase the life of your wood and to preserve its aesthetic qualities for as long as possible, you will need a floor chemical.

The floor chemicals available in our range are professional wood care products. We offer cleaning fluids, fresheners and maintenance oils.

Next to each product you will find a comprehensive information sheet, which includes the product specifications and detailed instructions for use. This way, you will know the most important properties of the product before you buy and assess whether it meets your expectations.

Our offer includes a comprehensive customer service

  • we offer a free sample kit
  • we help you make the perfect flooring choice
  • we provide you with professional advice
  • we recommend installation by our partners throughout Poland