Herringbone floor - classic, timeless and... romantic.

2022-11-13 12:00:00

The wooden floor for years

Walls can be quickly repainted, furniture and framed pictures replaced. Accessories? Nothing easier. We buy new covers for sofas, hang different curtains. We cover pillows with pillowcases. All in order to easily transform (refresh) our interiors. It's different with floors. This element in home design cannot be skimped on. The floor should serve us for years. And it should be of very good quality for a long time. Therefore, this should be a thoughtful purchase. In this case, it's worth going for classic options, and using trendy solutions in other areas...

Herringbone in the kitchen and living room

...because with fashion, it doesn't always work out. At least when it comes to floors. Have you also had linoleum at home (do you remember from childhood) that sooner or later bulged or cracked? Maybe you've seen swollen panels? And replacing these elements is expensive and complicated. Therefore, the best option is a traditional wooden floor. OXY floor, available at ArtFloors store, is a solution for those who like bright, romantic interiors. Dark grains give the floor delicacy. It is made of oak from Kashubian forests. Therefore, it is of high quality. So much so that you can lay your floor in herringbone not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the kitchen. Taking care of it (even when it is in the kitchen) does not require any unconventional treatments.

Romantic interior with OXY

You can lay the OXY floor in herringbone. You will achieve a classic, timeless, romantic interior. It is a light-colored floor, so it will work if you like delicate apartments, ones that allow you to relax. Match it with white furniture, fluffy carpets, and add flowers, simple lamps, and drape a gray blanket over the armchair. It's calm, relaxing, harmonious. But OXY, like other models available at the ArtFloors store, can also be laid in a classic or square pattern. Therefore, the wooden floor will adapt to your needs. Contact our sales representative now, order a sample of the OXY floor for your home. Let decorating a romantic interior bring you a lot of joy!

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